Welcome to our family genealogy home page. This website contains the family histories of TC Cottrell and Thana White Cottrell which can be reached through the appropriate "public" link above. Living persons and information on living persons are excluded except that the relationships are shown to the compiler TC Cottrell or Thana White Cottrell.

Although some of the information comes from original sources including bible records, much comes from secondary or less reliable sources and thus may not be completely accurate. You are encouraged to contact us if you believe any of the information on either site is inaccurate. Our sources and original document sites are password protected and limited to family members.

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TC Cottrell has published two books which are available for sale. The first titled Cottrell-Brashear Family Linage traces his ancestral lines back through at least four generations and contains details on children and grandchildren when known. It includes original photographs and documents from his private collection which have not previously been made available to the public. The second titled The Cottrell Story traces the author's Cottrell heritage from the early 1700s to the present with historical events woven into their lives. For additional information or to order Click on the appropriate link below: